The Finger of GOD has produced the Miracle Tree of Moringa Olefera

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Flowers from the Moringa Tree


Aside from their shear beauty, the Moringa flowers are used for medicinal purposes. The flower can be found in teas to make powerful cold remedies. While the juices from the flowers can be used to help with urinary tract problems.

Moringa Oils

There is currently a US Patent pending, number 6,528,075, which can be found at in reference to Moringa and its uses. This strongly suggests there is strong evidence of the powers that Moringa possesses.

One patent, in particular, is for the use of Moringa oil in cosmetics. The name of Moringa oil is commercially known as 'Ben' or 'Behen' oil. The name is derived from the behenic acid that Moringa oil contains.

The oil is pale yellow in color, non-drying and has a nutty flavor. These non-drying characteristics of Moringa oil is ideal for use as a moisturizer in cosmetics. Moringa oils can also be used in soap due to the great lathering and washing capabilities.

Even when you consider Moringa's anti-bacterial and anti-microbial healing properties, it would make sense the oil used in cosmetics could be a candidate for removing free-radicals, treating acne and nourishing the skin to prevent dryness and wrinkles.

It will be exciting to see the future of Moringa oil in cosmetics and what it may bring!