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Seeds of the Moringa Tree


One great use for Moringa seeds is for water purification. A study was conducted by Echo about Moringa seeds and how they are used to separate impurities from water. It is proven the impurities settle to the bottom from the water samples allowing them to be filtered out. This is very exciting news for countries that do not have any clean drinking water! The natural antimicrobial activities of Moringa helps to clean the water.

Steps to Water Purification

    1. Collect mature Moringa Oleifera seed pods and remove seeds from pods.
    2. Shell seeds (remove seed coat) to obtain clean seed kernels; discard discolored seeds.
    3. Determine quantity of kernels needed based on amount and turbidity of water; in general one seed kernel will treat one liter of water.
    4. Crush seed kernels into a fine powder and sift the powder through a screen or small mesh.
    5. Mix seed powder with a small amount of clean water to form a paste.
    6. Mix the paste and one cup of clean water into a bottle. Shake for 1 minute to activate the coagulant properties and form a solution.
    7. Filter this solution through a muslin cloth or fine mesh screen (to remove insoluble materials) and into the water to be treated.
    8. Stir treated water rapidly for at least 1 minute then slowly (15-20 rotations per minute) for 5-10 minutes.
    9. Let the treated water sit without disturbing for at least 1-2 hours.
    10. When the particles and contaminates have settled to the bottom, the clean water can be carefully poured off.
    11. This clean water can then be filtered or sterilized to make it completely safe for drinking.

Filtration and Sterilization

  1. Sand Water Filters
  2. Solar Sterilization
  3. Chlorination: 1-2 drops per liter
  4. Boiling: minimum of 5 minutes

The steps on water cleaning process was made possible by the research of Beth Doerr at ECHO.

You can see with the picture from the study the amazing results! The full study information can be found at the link below.